Saturday, 1 November 2014


hi you, long time no see. 
hi, how are you?. 
I want to say something.
how hard it to say something 
to you. 
I hope you read what I wrote. 
I just wanna say, 
how are you ?. 
are you okay? 
are you make every things going well ?. 
you got what you want? 
do you lost something?
something priceless?
oh God, come on.
do you  remember me ?. 
remember everything about me ?. 


I can be strong when I want to be,
You think I’m weak ‘cause you can tear me apart
With the words that you speak
You think you’re in control but you don’t understand
How much you are wrong
You choose to lash out at me, I’ve done nothing wrong
All you crave is attention
And just to be loved. You need to be loved

And I want to be free
When my heart is made from gold
And forgiveness seems too bold
I still find it in my heart
To say, "I love you."
When my heart is made from gold
And the hurt is just too bold
I still find it in my heart
To say, "I love you."

Kapan Bisa Nonton Konser Coldplay?

Coldplay. Siapa sih gatau coldplay?. Yap group music rock alternative, piano rock atau apapun itu entahlah, yang terpenting keren dan dibentuk di London, Britania Raya tahun 1996. Gak tahan aja kalo uda denger lagunya coldplay. Berasa tenang, damai, tentram, asik, melayang, banget kalo uda denger lagu-lagu coldplay. Suaranya si Chris Martin yang asik melo merdu seksi itu yang bikin brr. Tapi tetep aja kalo gaada bassis, drumer, pemain gitar utama, tetep suara Chris Martin kurang lengkap. Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland dan Will Champion lah yang bikin group musik ini makin keren. Guy Berryman pemain bassis ini nih uda cakep keren, apalagi kalo uda main wow aja deh melayang rasanya, ada gitu orang sekeren dia. Nah beda lagi keren nya sama Jonny Buckland, astagaaa cuman bisa melongo aja kalo lagi pentelengin dia main gitar, dikit kayaknya cowok bisa main gitar kayak si Jonny ini wahaha. Nah anggota Coldplay terakhir itu si Will Champion, yes the drumer, pokokya kalo gaada yang namanya Will di Coldplay gabakal se asik sampai sekarang ini deh yakin coldplay haha. Nah saya sih suka semuanya, karena semuanya keren- keren abis. Tapi paling ngefans banget tuh sama Chris Martin dan Guy Berryman hehe.  Semoga selalu kompak aja deh buat Coldplay.


The blue sky is beautiful
but why am I becoming so insignificant and shabby.
I keep holding onto the unanswerd phone.
The melody flowing out of the phone is sweet
but why does it sound painful to my ears.
It sounds like my heart screaming after it ost you.
It sounds like the melody is mocking my longing for you.

I’ve been stuck in the same spot

why now, why now after I’ve been left behind.

I’m listening to the sad end to the song 

why now

You’re not by my side 

why now

I’m crying over the song’s sad story

Please pick up the phone that must be ringing at your bed side.
Don’t make me cry too.